Reliable Repairs & Quality Workmanship

Prime Design Food Trucks provides a 6-month warranty on all work and repairs performed. Additionally, all of our parts come with fantastic manufacturer warranties.

Design and Development

To ensure we offer the most comprehensive service, Prime Design Food Trucks maintains its own in-house design department. Because our designers work directly with those who build the units, we can make on-the-spot determinations as to the cost and feasibility of proposed structural concepts, and then adjust the design as needed. We charge only a small fraction of what you would expect to pay a dedicated design firm. Our design team utilizes cutting-edge technology to construct. All of this can be done in less than a week, allowing you to know exactly what you are buying even before it is built.

We offer a variety of services for trucks at various stages of completion to help transform your truck into one of the best built trucks in the country.
Prime Designs gives you personalized service for building your food truck or other mobile kitchen.
  • Meeting and assessing your needs
  • Developing a work plan tailored to your needs
  • Choosing kitchen equipment and/or other options
  • Help and advice from our experts for the purchase of a new or used vehicle fitting with your specific needs, plus the mechanical inspection
  • Quotation
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Building and production
  • Exterior paint
  • Exterior graphics, lettering / full or partial covering of the truck or trailer (wrap)
  • Personalized delivery of your truck or trailer
  • After-sales customer service and warranty on kitchen equipment, truck, trailer and parts.
  • Interior design of the truck (“Floor plan”)
  • Stripping the truck or trailer (if required)
  • Structure Reinforcement
  • Fire insulation
  • Making and installing interior lining
  • Manufacturing and installation of windows
  • Installation of electrical system
  • Manufacturing / installing the hood and fan
  • Installation of gas lines
  • Installation of fire management
  • Installation of flooring
  • Building and installing safe containers
  • Manufacturing and installing custom countertops
  • Water system installation
  • Manufacture and repair interior and exterior shelves
  • Exterior graphics and lettering
  • Installation of external options on vehicle
  • Delivery