Dependable Food Truck Repair Work

Prime Design Food Trucks makes sure that their trucks are of high quality. Our company takes pride in providing excellent workmanship when making food trucks.

The company also puts a premium on its repair services. It strives to provide the best assistance to food truck owners who are seeking maintenance.

The mechanical upkeep is the main concern of food truck owners. Prime Design Food Trucks offers mechanical repairs on the vehicle. External options can also be installed on the truck.

Our company offers interior and exterior repainting services. It can retouch or change the paint of the walls and flooring inside the food truck. We can retouch the exterior paint and repaint the lettering and graphics on the exterior.

Stripping can also be done on the truck if needed. Structural reinforcement is recommended to prolong the durability of a truck.

Repairs can also be done on the installations inside a food truck. Electrical and carpentry repairs are usually requested by food truck owners.


Service Repair Warranty Services

It is important for food truck owners to have their mobile businesses insured. A food truck may meet accidents while parked in an event space or while traveling on the road.

It would be even better if a food truck comes with a warranty. However, not all food truck manufacturers have a warranty offer. Most of them just offer repair services.

Prime Design Food Trucks has a unique offer for those seeking Food Truck Service, Repair and Remodel works. We provide a 1 year warranty on all repairs and custom kitchen fabrication work we provide.  

The warranty covers all the work that Prime Design has performed to remodel, renovate or customize the kitchen of the truck. In addition, all of the parts used by Prime Design Food Trucks for building, repairing, and remodeling have warranties from their respective manufacturers. If the truck is purchased as a used truck, we make sure the truck is running and in good condition, but we cannot warranty the truck itself. Our warranty is on our work to customize the truck.

Most of the time, warranties are only provided for those who purchase new food trucks. But Prime Design Food Trucks is generous enough to offer warranties on our repair and remodeling services that were provided.


Customer Service

All trucks done by Prime Design Food Trucks, whether they are new, repaired, or remodeled, are delivered to the owner’s location of choice. We also offer after-sales support for clients.

Get in touch with Prime Design today and see what we can do for your food truck repair and maintenance.