Prime Design Food Truck Remodeling Difference

The food truck business is a booming enterprise as of late. Food truck owners are glad to have a mobile business that can hold transactions in several places or events in a single day.

The food truck trend has attracted more businessmen to try out having a mobile restaurant or portable vendor. Food trucks are now sought-after providers of food and drinks in various events like school fairs, music festivals, and concerts.

Even those who hold celebrations of birthdays, weddings, and corporate milestones hire food trucks to be concessionaires. The idea of having a stand-alone food station has attracted numerous clients nationwide.

The constant traveling of a food truck, however, can take a toll on its wear and tear. The vehicle is not the only thing that should be taken care of. The makeup of the food truck should have to be maintained as well.

The exterior design could be affected by the sun, rain, snow, and other elements. The interiors can also be worn out easily especially if the truck makes several stops in a day.


Building Services

Prime Design Food Trucks offers a vast range of services for food truck owners. Our primary service is the building of food trucks.

We offer full builds for those who want to own a food truck that is built from scratch using a new truck. There are also partial builds for those who are okay with building a container on an old truck. Conversions of delivery trucks into food trucks can also be done.

Our team not only performs the building of your truck, but we can also craft innovative and unique food truck designs. We have an in-house team which helps clients design a food truck.

Our design team comes up with a floor plan and marketing display based on the specifications of a client. The designers can present a quote to a client within a week’s time.

Once the proposal has been approved, the design team turns things over to the production team. The production side does not just build the structure and add furniture.

It also deals with various systems inside the food truck aside from the mechanical system of the vehicle. It sets up an electrical system, interior lining, water system, and gas lines. It inputs fire insulation and fire management.

It also installs flooring for the kitchen and work area. It puts in a hood and fan in the kitchen. Customized countertops and windows may be added.


Remodeling The Food Truck

Some food truck owners, on the other hand, want more than having their trucks repaired or repainted. They want a completely different look for their trucks.

Remodeling is another top service offered by Prime Design Food Trucks. Our in-house team designs layouts and exteriors for those who want a renovated truck.

Our team closely coordinates with clients while working on the floor plan. Our team does not just work on the interior design but also on the structure of utility services.

We can alter and improve on the existing water, gas, and electrical systems. We can also change the look of the lining, windows, walls, and flooring. Additional furniture, countertops, and shelves may be included in the remodeling project.


Why Hire Prime Design For Your Remodeling Project

At Prime Design Food Trucks, we can build a food truck from start to finish. We can also revamp old trucks to carry up-to-date and high-quality commercial kitchen appliances. We can provide you with custom-built or ready-made units depending on your preference.

A food truck can be built to have enclosed cabinetry for storing non-perishables. Secured cabinet doors ensure that nothing falls out of place when the truck is in motion. It can be fitted with built-in prepping counters made of stainless steel which is food-safe and easy to clean. Prime Design Food Trucks knows the ins and outs of food trucks so you can expect them not to hook you up with wooden prep counters.

We will equip your food truck with ample refrigeration units, stoves, grills, and even a microwave if need be; ventilation and sprinklers too. Other providers might forget to bolt these in place for safety but not Prime Design Food Trucks. Every build on our list is evaluated and reassessed to ensure that the highest of safety and health standards are met. This is why you should work with us to design your food truck.


Warranty Services

Prime Design Food Trucks has a unique offer for those seeking Food Truck Service, Repair and Remodel works. We provide a 1 year warranty on all repairs and custom kitchen fabrication work we provide.  

The warranty covers all the work that Prime Design has performed to remodel, renovate or customize the kitchen of the truck. In addition, all of the parts used by Prime Design Food Trucks for building, repairing, and remodeling have warranties from their respective manufacturers. If the truck is purchased as a used truck, we make sure the truck is running and in good condition, but we cannot warranty the truck itself. Our warranty is on our work to customize the truck.

Most of the time, warranties are only provided for those who purchase new food trucks. But Prime Design Food Trucks is generous enough to offer warranties on our repair and remodeling services that were provided.