The common notion is that refrigerated trailers are used by owners of food and beverage companies. Refrigeration is definitely needed to preserve food and keep drinks cold.

Various food industry businesses require special refrigeration needs. An ice cream trailer needs ample refrigeration to keep its frozen products in good condition.

A beer garden will need to serve cold beer at all times. A mobile bar has to serve cool sodas, bottled water, cocktails, and other hard drinks at music festivals, parties, and corporate events.

A mobile restaurant needs to keep its fresh goods frozen and its produce refrigerated. Marinated meats, sauces, and cooked dishes must also be properly stored in refrigerators.


Food Safety

Installing refrigeration in food trailers is not as easy as it seems. A trailer owner must know the specifications of food storage. He must know the right temperature ranges for numerous food and beverage products.

Refrigeration is not just about keeping things cold or frozen. The basic principle behind refrigeration is food safety. Storing food and beverage items in refrigerators and freezers prolongs the shelf life of the items.

But it does not necessarily follow that an item placed in cold storage will not develop molds or become rotten. Some food and beverage items still become spoiled even when in cold storage.

Food and beverage items must be sealed properly. They must be placed in containers that are clean and undamaged. They should also be stored in compartments with similar food groups.

Finally, trailer owners must be oriented with the time periods of refrigeration and freezing. Keeping food and beverage items way too long in cold storage might do more harm than good.


Not Just For Food

Refrigerated trailers, however, are more than just receptacles for food and beverage businesses. They are actually used for a wide range of businesses.

Specialized ambulances and medical transport vehicles also make use of refrigerated trailers. They require refrigeration to keep laboratory samples and medicines in good condition while in transit. They also need refrigeration so that they can safely deliver pharmaceutical products.

Florists are also wide users of refrigerated trailers. Some of them use their trailers to hop from places in order to sell their blooms. Refrigeration will maintain the freshness of the flowers despite traveling from place to place.

Florists who provide décor to special events like birthday celebrations and weddings also rely on refrigerated trailers to keep their floral decorations fresh and beautiful.


Tailor-Made Trailers

With the various uses of refrigerated trailers, it is best to have one made based on the specific purpose that it will serve. A ready-made trailer might be suitable for a mobile restaurant business but not for medical transport.

Someone who is looking for a trailer might settle for a ready-made one because it will not cause a lot of hassle. But having a customized refrigerated trailer will pay off in the long run.

Having the trailer designed and built according to all the needs of the owner will be beneficial to his business. The customized interior design will enhance the operations and improve the flow of the work station.

Customizing the exterior design will definitely boost the image of the business. It will make a business name or organization stand out. It will also improve brand or product recall.


More Than Just Customization

Those who are looking for Refrigerated Trailers – Design & Build services need to look further into what a design company is offering. Most trailer design companies only offer several templates.

Prime Design Food Trucks assures that the trailers we build are made with utmost workmanship. The company can build refrigerated trailers from any size available with controllable temperatures ranging from -2 to +4 degrees.

It also gives in to all of the requests of clients. It believes in the importance of customizing all aspects of a trailer according to the needs and wants of clients.

Clients can dictate where the refrigerators and freezers will be situated. They can also choose where to situate the cashier and counter for a mobile restaurant. Florists and pharmaceutical owners can have a small office installed in the trailer. With each finished food trailer product we complete, we want it to be a work of art.


Prime Design Food Trucks, however, also points out important points of design to our clients. Our designers make suggestions based on their expertise and experiences.

Clients are usually given pieces of advice on effective display marketing, selection of equipment, designing the trailer, and maximizing the space of a trailer. Prime Design Food Trucks even goes further by giving tips on trash management.

In addition, the designers of Prime Design Food Trucks ensure that our layouts comply with standard health, fire, and building codes. Clients will no longer have a hard time with having their business designs approved because they are compliant with local and national codes.

Another benefit from getting a customized trailer from Prime Design Food Trucks is that we provide a reliable repair service that covers a wide range of services. Trailer owners need not worry whenever they suffer glitches because Prime Design Food Trucks has competent technicians and repairmen.