Custom Designed Food Trailers from Prime Design

Food trucks are very popular these days. Used for all kinds of functions, these machines are considered as potent business entities in their own right. They can also be used to extend the reach of food serving businesses. Also rising in popularity are food trailers. As the name would suggest, these are trailers that are designed and modified to serve food.

Building custom designed food trailers have become just as popular as custom designed food trucks. Are you intending to join in the bandwagon? Here are some of the things you must know when constructing these trailers.

Food trailers can be stand-alone food servers. It is now common to see purpose-built trailers being rolled into one gig after another. In many ways, this is a convenient (and more affordable) option for most caterers. So long as they have a car that can pull the trailer to its next destination, it is all good. Souped-up trailers that contain enough gizmos to match even the best kitchens are becoming a familiar sight. It is also not all that uncommon to see trailers customized by their owners to the extreme. Food trailers are now considered as legit options for entrepreneurs, and their use is only seen to expand in the next years.

Food trailers can also be used to complement food trucks. Some caterers use a combination of a food truck and a matching trailer during big events. A truck-trailer combo can greatly increase a business’s ability to serve food, perfect for catering to a huge crowd on demand. At the same time, a custom trailer can craftily match a custom truck’s design, which will attract a ton of attention whether the pair is serving food or on the move. In a number of cases, well-designed mobile kitchens helped expand the profitability of food enterprises. Custom designed food trailers, when built the right way, complement custom designed food trucks very well in almost any occasion.

Of course, building a food trailer from scratch or refurbishing a worn-down one will require you to do specific things. Here is a list of some things you need to consider when you are intending to have your own trailer.

  1. Workmanship – Your trailer should be constructed according to the highest standards of quality. A good-quality trailer should be able to serve you well for a very long time, provided that you take good care of it. Trailers like this should be constructed using high-quality parts and should be put together using top-shelf craftsmanship. You deserve nothing less than that.
  1. Needs – A custom trailer should be built to fill your specific needs. There are specific needs by your business that should be addressed. Take for example the type of menu that you intend to serve. These factors will play a role on what the design of your trailer would ultimately become. Creating a work plan tailor-made to your needs will help you get the best custom trailer your money can buy.
  1. Trailer design – One of the best things about food trailers (and food trucks) is the way they are designed. Some of the best trailers in the business not just churn superb food, but they are also head-turners, capable of attracting crowds whether they want to eat or not. From exterior features to paint jobs, a cool trailer design will take things to another level.
  1. Floor plan – Having an effective floor plan is imperative to get maximum functionality from your trailer. Much thought is needed for creating an efficient interior design for any trailer, regardless of its size. Because of this, asking for professional help to create the right trailer floor plan is essential to maximize available interior space.
  1. Safety – Maintaining safety inside a food trailer is an absolute must. In fact, it is considered as a requirement for having trailers registered. Structural reinforcement come in handy for this purpose. Using insulation and fireproofing also helps in increasing safety. Placement of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers is also a must. You should keep a safety first approach when building food trailers.


Noting that there are so many things to consider in building the best custom food truck, it’s just proper to entrust the job to people who know how to get this job done the right way. This is where we come into the picture. While we specialize in building custom food trucks, we are equally capable of transforming trailers into one-of-a-kind food-serving masterpieces. With a strong track record for quality, we have a long list of clients satisfied with our design products. We are willing to work with you in every step of the way, from the initial design and quoting to the final detailing.


Offering the most comprehensive service, Prime Design Food Trucks is your choice for the best custom designed food trailers.