Prime Design is one of the leading providers for your food truck needs. This is the first reason why you should hire Prime Design should you want to build your own food truck business.

Our company specializes in building customized kitchens, whether for gourmet-types, food trucks, or even a trailer. The food truck has opened the market for mobile-type restaurants and today, it has become a profitable business.  

The main thrust of Prime Design is providing clients with the best and effective solutions design that will boost business’ sales and profitability. Our clients are big and small entrepreneurs.

Effective Food Truck Design SolutionsWe always come up with effective solutions needed by our clients.

We have ways of making things creative when scouting for improvements in our products and services.

We give “survey” questions to help us understand what our clients want and are looking for. This also helps the manufacturers in creating a proposal or quotation. These questions will help us during the design and build process by fully understanding the type of equipment you need and the layout you require.

As a new player in the industry, you’ll need help not just in building, but also in getting the necessary papers, like permits and certifications from the right agencies. Prime Design also offer liaison services to ensure that these agencies are covered for health, building, fire and insurance compliance requirements.

Being in a leader in the industry, the company received good reviews from satisfied clients. Aside from our reasonable pricing, clients praise our people who worked on their trailers and food trucks for giving the best service and good construction.

Prime Design’s customer service is also to be cited. When you are just starting a business, it can be stressful and require a lot of work. The good news is that our staff is accommodating and here to help you!

Offering services from start to finish, you have an assurance that everything will be handled well – from choosing the right unit, the ideal location, to getting the right equipment and completing the food truck.

Here is a rundown on the reasons why you should trust Prime Design to help you build your kitchen:

  • Excellent pricing – We offer competitive pricing paired with good workmanship and services. You don’t need to stress on what you’ll need or what government agencies to go for permits and other requirements because we can help you with that.
  • Customizable designs – Every client has his/her own specific needs and requirements. When you already have a menu that you’d like to offer your target market, we can customize the truck for you to suit your specifications.
  • Choice between ready-made kitchens and custom-built units – If you don’t have any idea yet what you want, the company also has ready-made units to choose from. Often, the ready-made types are preferred by those who only need the most basic designs. Some opt to have customized kitchens because we can incorporate our own design.
  • Offers only brand new equipment – When it comes to the kitchen equipment and other important tools, you want those that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Prime Design only offers brand new appliances and accessories to ensure that you only get the best quality products.
  • Permits and other paper works – We can help you secure the needed permits, certifications, etc.
  • Repairs – You can’t rule them out upon completion of your food truck. Not yet! Because you can go to them in case you need repairs for your equipment and the food truck unit itself.
  • Financing – If you worry about budgetary constraints, Prime Design offer financing services to help you put up your food truck business even if you have a limited budget.

When it comes to designing your food truck kitchen, you will be happy with the pricing and the work we provide you. Our goal is to help you design a kitchen that is functional and you can be proud of.