As a custom food truck builder, we used to build 3-4 food trucker per year, now we are custom designing and building food trucks at 3-4 per month. We have a large warehouse where we are custom designing and building your dream kitchen on wheels. Prime Design was recently featured on

The Gilbert company behind your favorite food trucks

If  you’ve seen all kinds of food trucks or gourmet trucks at local events around the Phoenix area, there is a good chance they were built by Prime Design Food Trucks in Gilbert.

Their specialty is building customized food trucks from scratch.

“I can’t build enough food trucks to keep up with people wanting food trucks,” said Ernie Miranda, owner of Prime Design Food Trucks.

Miranda says four years ago, his company were manufacturing about three to four food trucks a year. As the food truck craze grows, so has their production. Today, they are producing three to four trucks a month.

Each truck is uniquely designed to each client’s taste.

“We get different chef’s in here. they look at what we’re doing. We sit with them and do a CAD design and create what they’re thinking in their mind. They all have a need and a certain way they want things,” said Miranda.

Every piece of the truck is built in-house, including the cabinets, countertops and hoods, allowing for more flexibility to optimize the space for food prep.

“You don’t want to put a fryer in one spot and then you’re jumping spots. You want to put in a lineup to the best fits the chef,” said Richard Patino, foreman for Prime Design Food Trucks.

Miranda says the mobile world is also rolling into other industries besides food. His company currently building a boutique on wheels, where the walls can be lowered and be used to hold clothing displays.

“What’s going to happen is they’re going to be setting up a whole bunch of clothing spaces. So it basically will be a store wherever you want to take it,” said Miranda.

Patino says the best part of the job is helping clients achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

“If you can dream it. I can build it. It just makes me happy to hand the keys over to them,” said Patino.

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